FAQ – Manson Design




WE CAN'T INSURE DELIVERY FOR XMAS Please understand that Santa is trying to make the impossible possible!



*What is the usual shipping time?

    We ship from 2-4 weeks once the product is ready to be shipped because most of the time (that means all the time) we print on demand and we sew by hand! If you want more information about the production process feel free to contact us ANY time.


    Do you guys ship to the U.S?

    We offer to ship in the United States


    Do you guys ship international?

    We offer to ship international, BUT we are not responsable for your country's border blockage.

    International shipping may take up to 60 days.

    Who pays for customs, duties, taxes, & brokerage fees?

    Manson Design ships all national packages 'Delivery Duties Unpaid'. This means that all customs, duties, taxes, and brokerage fees are not charged by Manson Design and are the responsibility of the customer at the time of delivery. If the customer fails to pay these fees and they are assessed to Manson Design, the customer's credit card on file will be charged for all fees & late charges associated with the delivered package. If you do not agree to these terms please do not order.


    What should I do if I entered an incorrect shipping address?

    Orders are processed as quickly as possible and for this reason we cannot guarantee any changes to your order once it has been submitted. If you accidentally entered an incorrect shipping address, please submit a request letting us know you need to update your address. Please include your full name, order number, and the correct shipping address.

    We will do our best to change the shipping address before it ships.

    If it does ship before we are able to fix the issue, we are not responsable for your mistakes.



    How can I Guarantee my product is authentic if I purchased it from a third-party website?

    Thank you for being part of the team. We can only guarantee the authenticity of your product if you purchased your Manson from mansondesignclothing.com or in one of our authorized retailers. Manson purchased from other third party websites are purchased at your own risk and they are not guaranteed to be authentic.

    If I purchased it from a retailer, can I exchange or return it on mansondesignclothing.com?

    If you purchased your Manson from a local retailer, please contact the original seller. We are only able to accept exchanges and returns for those customers who purchased directly from us.


    Where can i find info on new arrivals and specials?

      We keep all of our clients and followers in the loop with our social media pages, all announcements and specials could be found on our FacebookInstagram and Snapchat: mansondesign.