THE STORY – Manson Design



It’s a passion for us since day one. The Stephane story:
 I remember when I was 9 years old I got to a point that I could acknowledge the differences between cars. Sports or not, fast and slow, automatic transmission or manual, name it. I am a left Handed guy, and I remember asking my dad: ‘’ Daddy... Do they make cars for left handed people? ‘’ He was laughing so hard and he told me: ‘’ yes they do, in Japan... ‘’
Those words changed my life. Seeking information about those Japanese cars and the entire tuning trend that was going on at the time, I got my first Jdm Rhd in 2005, a Honda CRX Sir 1991. I’ve met a lot of cool people in this lifestyle because yes… it’s a lifestyle.  Manson got together in those circumstances. We are Mechanics, we use to be in the garage all the time making custom parts, engine work, welding and tuning. Always looking for those cool cars, driving around Montreal, enjoying the time we got together at the meets, man those are some good memories for sure.  But time flies…
Cliff always loved s-chassis he owns one but, Drifting was not quite yet the ‘’big’’ thing here in Montreal, Canada. Our closest friends that drove some 180sx and Silvia’s got some pretty good skills fast. The first Pro competition was already going on but the accessibility to that kind of event was pretty tough. We decided to give it a shot 3 years ago with the Number 127; Julien Croteau! We started this Manson Design project because we believed that it’s a lifestyle that deserve to be showed and needed to be supported!
Showing off your crew, for who you’re cheering up for, the kind of message you want to send. Manson always tries to bring you a product that suits you and speaks to you. If you love Jdm Cars, drifting and you’re lifestyle is around cars this is for you.  100% local product from Montreal, Québec we want to personally thank you for supporting us.
Welcome to the Family, the Manson Team